"Meticulously crafting the perfect container for me to play in, David holds me to higher standards of truth, pleasure, and expansion than I could ever hold for myself, which is saying a lot.

Almost immediately, I began manifesting beyond my previous limits – millions of dollars, magical relationships, and WAY more impact in the world.

His utter and unquestionable belief in me is one of the most powerful forces I have ever experienced in my life."

-Stephanie C.

"David is truly brilliant at what he does, and our work together has dramatically clarified, upgraded, and propelled my life. From working with him I have built my own business; I spend every day doing what I love doing, what I’m great at, and what is meaningful to me, and all with ever-dissipating worry and strain.

It’s like there was this massive, gushing river of my greatness and potential, and I used to sit on the shore, or flounder on the riverbanks. Working with David has been like building a raft, where I can just hop on, and allow my life to lead me into the success, impact, and joy that is there waiting for me. If you want to increase your excellence WHILE having an incredible time living, then I would give my deepest recommendation to working with him."

-Mike Mantell, Founder of Life Is A Trip

"David is an artist. I've never met anyone who approaches business and spiritual realization as so intimately intertwined. David doesn't see a business issue— he sees a human being requiring spiritual unfolding.

... And, in 3 months, he helped me increase my revenue by over 400%."

-Robert Collier, CEO of Entrepreneurs Dinner

The age of 14-hour days, overwhelm-burnout cycles, and chronic stress is finished.

Suffering for success is based in old and toxic beliefs. 

In order to reach our true potential - in business and in life​ - we must eradicate the old beliefs and replace them with the truth.

And when we do work based in the truth, success becomes effortless.

Most of the effort we exert is wasted.

Most of the habits we practice inhibit success.

Most of the "hacks" ​we learn to boost productivity are completely backward.

The foundation of both success and ease is the same.

Without building that foundation, we remain addicted to hustle and stress. We plateau. We burn out. We run on someone else's hamster wheel until we die.

I help people build that foundation.


I work with business leaders and entrepreneurs at the top of their fields.

Through the systematic replacement of old beliefs - as well as trigger resolution, habit repatterning, day design, embodied leadership and influence training, and advanced mindfulness practice - ​we radically increase flow, profit, and quality of life.

This program is by application and interview only.​

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I design bespoke trainings for both corporate teams and startups.

These trainings replace outdated paradigms, and provide concrete new practices for:​

-developing powerful leadership

-decreasing workplace stress

-deepening team connection

-increasing team effectiveness​

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"What got you this far

is exactly what will stop you

from getting where you're going."