We offer personalized 1-on-1 coaching to executives, entrepreneurs, and startup teams.

We work with people who refuse to settle for mediocrity in anything, least of all in their impact on the world. 

Through reflection, dialectics, personalized meditations, flow hacking, relational practice, time optimization, and 360-degree business consulting, we help transform lives and businesses into the forms they’re meant to take.

Coaching containers range from single-day 1-on-1 intensives, to 1+ year retainers with a comprehensive team of health experts, hypnotherapists, personal trainers, bodyworkers, financial analysts, and marketing consultants.

Prices range from $10,000 to $1.1M.

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“When I found The Business Monk, I was working 70-80 hours a week and feeling very disconnected to my life—although at the time I was not conscious of the source of such a disconnect. Upon hiring Dave to be my coach we began exploring ways to become more connected to myself—my soul purpose as well as who I was being in romantic relationships.

That was 6 months ago. I have since started working less, making more, and have blossomed in my romantic relationship beyond my wildest dreams—broken patterns I did not know I had and empowered my life in business and in personal ways that I never knew possible. The work with The Business Monk has been life altering to say the least. I am grateful each day for my work with Dave and cannot wait to see what unfolds in the future.”

-Emily Reynolds, CEO, RPR

“With David’s help, I experienced a massive and much needed re-ordering of my perception of the world and myself.

This has opened space within me to receive precious opportunities well-beyond my previous hopes in my career and my intimate relationships.

Of all the coaches I’ve met (and I know dozens), David has a uniquely ‘clean’ way of holding presence, one that’s both vast and warm, unattached and yet sensitively engaged.

Of all the commodities in the world, this kind of remarkably clear human attention is the most valuable, and David has it to give.

So if you’re asking yourself: should I reach out to David?

Would working with him really benefit me? The answer I’d vote for would be a resounding – Hell Yes. ”

-Carolyn Elliott, founder, WITCH magazine

“Meticulously crafting the perfect container, Dave holds me to higher standards of truth and expansion than I could ever hold for myself, which is saying a lot.
Almost immediately, I began creating beyond my previous limits—millions of dollars, magical relationships, and WAY more impact in the world.
His utter and unquestionable belief in me is one of the most powerful forces I have ever experienced in my life.”

-Stephanie Clark, co-founder, Luna Alchemista

“David is an artist. I’ve never met anyone who approaches business and spiritual realization as so intimately intertwined. David doesn’t see a business issue— he sees a human being requiring spiritual unfolding.

And, in 3 months, he helped me increase my revenue by over 400%.”

-Robert Collier, CEO, Entrepreneurs Dinner

“It’s difficult to articulate Dave’s magic fully in words, but it’s truly profound. He has an ability to see right through you and to see all your magic and all your blocks in the blink of an eye, and then to unleash you in the most gracious of ways to be your most powerful and effective you. His appreciation for the inextricable nature of one’s soul and one’s business is profoundly healing and liberating, and his understanding of the sacred nature of a soul-based business is a total game changer.

Before our work together, I was deeply afraid that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish both my business and family goals in tandem, and falsely believed that they were in competition with one another. This conflict was both a distraction to my life and business, and a source of 100% unnecessary turmoil. He erased this conflict from me entirely in an incredibly short space of time. Words cannot express the weight that this alone lifted from me. This is just one example of many.

I had worked with other world-class coaches before, but not one compares to him in the depth of his incisiveness, insightfulness or emotional intelligence. I can not recommend him wholeheartedly enough.”

Jaimie Crooks, Founder, Definitely Definitely  

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