Sacred Business

This 1-day experience is an entrepreneurial workshop capped at 36 participants.

It establishes the foundations of the Business Monk approach to growing a business as a mode of creative and personalized artistic expression, an active meditative practice, and a vehicle for ongoing personal transformation.

Price ranges from $95 to $195, based on timing and venue.

Our next event will be taking place in Los Angeles.

Shadow Business

This 3-day experience is an immersion in shadow integration capped at 12 participants.  

The only way to approach business in full integrity and alignment is to face, accept, and integrate the shadows of business—greed, consumption, manipulation, and rage.

Without doing so, we live in a state of constant inner battle, with our shadows sabotaging our growth at every turn.

The price of this workshop is $1000, with one scholarship spot available.

Our next event will be taking place in Los Angeles.

Paradox: An Entrepreneurship Mastermind

This 6-month virtual group program is capped at 10 participants. It includes a single 3-day in-person retreat halfway through the program.

The program is focused on the integration of opposing poles—ferocity and empathy, practicality and magic, self-interest and selfless service—in the domains of sales, marketing, creative expression, privilege, spiritual practice, friendship, impact, and business as a whole.

We will be placing a heavy emphasis on collaboration, mutual support, and radically honest group reflections.

The price of this program is $10,000, with scholarship spots available.

The next program will be taking place this year from May 9th – Oct 31st, with an in-person retreat August 2nd-5th in Los Angeles.

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